The Linda Chester Literary Agency represents a wide variety of adult literary and commercial fiction, as well as an array of non-fiction in the following categories: science, technology, medicine, health, memoir and biography, fine and performing arts,narrative non-fiction, current events, politics, history, popular culture, humor, gift books, psychology, spirituality, and business. We place dramatic rights for our projects and working tandem with all the major and boutique film agencies.

A Note From Linda

It is my pleasure to highlight the books we’ve given birth to over the years – an exceptional selection of quality fiction and non-fiction titles that have made us very proud. The last two decades have been quite rewarding; we’ve had the good fortune of representing the number-one hardcover and trade paperback books in America, as well as many other national bestsellers. We’ve also had the joy of seeing our clients’ work sold to Hollywood, to foreign publishers, and to national magazines.

We take great pride in serving our clients. Indeed, we are devoted to our authors who are gifted in the areas of fiction, biography, and memoir, as well as experts in their given fields. For those clients who are specialists, having a book under the wing can bring critical attention and financial support to their visionary ideas and significantly assist them in reaching their goals. For that is the ultimate purpose of our agency: liberating writers to pursue and to fulfill their dreams. Nothing brings me more pleasure than to know the agency is partnering with a writer to assist them in realizing their unique vision.

I have always had the utmost respect and admiration for writers and their ability to move us, persuade us, to rejoice in the human condition, and also to caution us when the culture strays from its highest values. Writers do a tremendous service by bringing us the latest news bulletin from the farthest regions of our hearts and minds. In so doing, they enrich and enlighten us in infinite ways.

I hope you enjoy looking at the many books we’ve brought into the world. Developing informative, inspiring, and entertaining books of global import is a perpetually fulfilling endeavor.

Linda Chester


Linda Chester began her publishing career at Doubleday. After earning a Masters in Communications, she established the The Linda Chester Literary Agency in La Jolla, California. In 1992, Linda opened a new headquarters in New York City, and today the firm is still one of the few bi-coastal agencies. Linda represents a wide range of genres (from Wally Lamb’s best-selling classic She’s Come Undone to Pamela Keogh’s love letter to Audrey Hepburn, AudreyStyle to Winston S. Churchill’s collection of his grandfather’s inspirational speeches, Never Give In!). She is especially interested in literary fiction, impactful biography/memoir, current events/politics, health and beauty, the fine and performing arts, and business. She has served on the boards for the Salk Institute, The National Center for Families Learning (formerly The National Center for Family Literacy), The La Jolla Music Society, and the Board of Directors for The La Jolla Playhouse.

Laurie Fox


Laurie Fox, who joined the agency in 1989, is a partner at the agency. A graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz (Writing and Theatre Arts), she is a published author of fiction and poetry, including Sexy Hieroglyphics (Chronicle Books); and two novels, My Sister from the Black Lagoon (starred Publishers Weekly review; San Francisco Chronicle bestseller) and The Lost Girls (optioned for film), both published by Simon & Schuster. She represents books in the areas of literary and quality fiction, speculative fiction, memoir/biography, popular culture, cultural history, quirky humor, narrative nonfiction, history and current events, art and artists, and cutting-edge science and technology.

Gary Jaffe


Gary Jaffe, Executive Manager, has a bachelor’s degree in theatre and music from Syracuse University. With a varied background in the arts and office management, he lends both his literary and theatrical talents to the agency.